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Hypno Doula Services
Enjoy Your Baby's Birth in Comfort, Joy, and Love

What is a Hypno-Doula? 

No, I do not hypnotize you for birth. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and mothers who have taken a Hypnobabies or other Hypnobirthing course understand that because of the mental state they are required to be in, having a trained doula there who understands the philosophies, techniques, cues, and can adequetely support them during their Birthing Time. 

Please visit for more information about Hypno-Doulas 

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I haven't taken the Hypnobabies course, but another childbirth hypnosis class. Can a hypno-doula benefit me, too? 

Yes!, absolutely. Part of the Hypno-Doula training teaches me to help you create a hypnosis cue word that works within your Childbirth hypnosis training. More importantly, I can help you prepare for your Birthing Time by being a presence that speaks only positively of birth and helps you remain calm and in your hypnotic state. 


For More Information about Hypnobabies Childbirth:

What can a Hypno-Doula do for me? 

A Trained Hypno-Doula can easily:

  1. Learn and practice Hypnobabies techniques and hypno-cues ahead of time with the Hypno-couple in a few Birthing Rehearsals, as well as use only Hypnobabies language and techniques at all times. This reinforces your practice and helps form a bond between you and your doula.

  2. Be a liaison for the couple with hospital staff, explaining that they need darkness, solitude and quiet, keeping distraction to a minimum, etc.

  3. Learn and use hypnotic Deepening techniques with the Hypno-mom, for use in Transformation (transition) stage.

  4. Help with Fear Clearing and hypno-cues during your Birthing Time (trading off with the Birth Partner when he/she is tired, but not replacing the Birth Partner).

  5. Learn and use Hypnobabies pushing techniques and with the Hypno-mom, for use in her pushing stage.

  6. Help the Hypno-mom get up to change positions or go to the bathroom immediately after a birthing wave is over as the mom has learned to do. This and many other Hypno-Doula training techniques help the Hypnobabies birthing mother to remain in hypnosis as she changes positions, using Birth Prompts and her “Lightswitch” and “Peace” cues.

  7. Remember that positional changes and upright positions are mainly used for descent and positioning of the baby and not for comfort in a Hypnobabies birth. When using hypnosis for childbirth, physical comfort comes from using hypnosis to flow deeper inside the inner mind, which also creates the deepest physical relaxation possible.


Hypno-Doula Services

When you hire me as your HypnoDoula, you get


  • A trained Birthing Assistant who recognizes the specific needs of a Hypnomom, and accomodates those needs by using specific language, philosophies, and birthing cues to facilitate your Birthing Time and deepen your hypnosis. I can also provide your care provider with materials about the program if you wish. 

  • Three (3) prenatal meetings. The first two are "traditional" doula meetings, where we get to know each other, I learn your desires, wishes, and preferences for your birth, and we discuss how I can best help you as your HypnoDoula during your birthing time. I will also request to see how your Hypnobabies training is coming along, as well as the fingerdrop technique and your "Peace" cues. In the third prenatal meeting, we conduct a "Birthing Rehearsal" where we practice techniques, do a run through of when to call me, what the plan is, and so on. 

  • I am on call for two weeks on either side of your guess date. I am available via phone, text, or email at any time upon signing of the contract, and on call day or night from two weeks on either side. I will make myself available to you whenever you need me to be. 

  • When you are in early first stage, i will be in touch with you or your partner as often as you need me to be, to remind you of your Early First Stage activities, and to help you get into an easy pattern of hypnosis. As your Birthing Time progresses, I will join you either at your home or your choice of birth place. Once with you, I will assist you in using verbal cues to stay in Eyes-Open Childbirth Hypnosis, as well as ensure your partner is using the techniques to help you as well. I can liase with the medical staff and advise them of your specific needs for childbirth hypnosis, so that you can remain in hypnosis. As you enter transformation, I have additional verbal cues to use to help you deepen your hypnosis, as well as reminding you to welcome the different pressure sensations, and deepen your hypno-anesthesia, especially during pushing. I also provide traditional doula support such as physical comfort and labour progress techniques, if you desire them. 

  • I can provide you with and go through a Change of Plans script should your Birthing Time abruptly deviate from your preferred birth process. 

  • Once your baby has arrived, I stay with you and your partner 1-2 hours after, to ensure you are all doing well and are comfortable being a family unit. I ensure you all eat, assist with infant feeding if requested, and remind you of using your hypnosis cues after birth if you experience any discomfort. 

  • In the postpartum period, I provide two postpartum visits with you, one within the first few days and the second before the end of two weeks, to assist with the transition of a new family member, help with newborn or feeding questions, and help you go over your Birthing Time if you have any questions about it. I am available any time for phone, text or email support at this time as well, and stay in close contact with you. 

  • Hypnobirthing parents have very specific needs. I am trained specifically to be cognizant of those needs, and assist hypnobirthing families have the positive Birthing Time they hope for. As such, I spend additional time and effort on Hypnobirthing families . 

Hypno Doula Pricing

Birth Doulas are currently once again allowed in-hospital as a secondary support person! This wonderful news means that I can provide in-person birth support during your Birthing Time, for the duration!

Free Consultation

I offer a free, no obligation consultation for all my services. If you would like to meet me to ask any questions, get to know me, and learn more, please email me at I look forward to meeting you!

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