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There is nothing quite so heart-wrenching as the loss of a child.

A pregnancy loss is still a birthday. You are still a mother. 

Supporting Birth in any Trimester. 


If you are here because you are currently experiencing a miscarriage, or have received a diagnosis for your baby that is frightening you, first, please let me say I am very sorry for what you are going through, and very sorry for your loss. 

I am here for you. 

If you need someone to listen, or if you want some additional support at this time, please contact me and we can discuss what that looks like for you. I am available to be a listening ear, or provide virtual or in person birth support as you birth your baby in any trimester. 
If you are alone, or if your partner is as lost as you are at this time, I can help. 


To hire me independantly ,there is a small nominal fee for bereavement doula services. To cover my expenses, I ask for $150 for my time and resources. Should this be difficult for you, I do offer payment plans and a sliding scale based on need. I can also barter or exchange services. 
You can also contact the Doula Support Foundation for bereavement doula services for no charge. 

Before you go...please visit these resources

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