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Virtual Birth Support

When you hire me for virtual birth support, you get: 

  • A birth doula certified through two excellent doula training organizations, with over 8 years of support experience, and a training credential in a third organization, several additional birth practitioner courses such as Spinning Babies,  as well as a certified childbirth educator. Please visit About Me for more information on my training and experience. 

  • Up to 5 virtual prenatal sessions to get to know you & your partner, build a rapport, learn your desires and wishes for birth, as well as impart any information you are seeking on pregnancy or childbirth (NOT a prenatal education course). 

  • I am available to you for virtual support via video chat, phone, email, or text from the signing of the contract & payment of deposit, until you go into labour or are induced. 

  • I am on call for your birth 24 hours a day for two full weeks on either side of your due date. When you go into labour, I will make arrangements for you to access me virtually when you need me, with no interruptions. 

  • When you go into labour, I stay in close contact with you via video call, phone or text, providing information and support as well as suggestions for labour comfort, either intermittently at agreed-upon intervals or continuously via video chat, including while you are at the hospital. You can choose to contact me when you feel you need me, I can contact you at specific times, or you can choose to have me in constant contact via either video or audio call. 

  • I virtually attend your place of birth with you and your partner, and can stay on a video chat with you constantly, providing continuous support, suggesting labour comfort techniques to your partner, provide a listening ear, suggest information and knowledge on hospital processes and procedures, as well as a calm presence and endless non-judgmental support to you as you birth your way, so you feel supported and informed throughout the birth process. On either an audio or video call, I can provide a voice of comfort to you or your partner, to suggest different positions that might be helpful during labour, quick links and information to demonstrate particular techniques that might be beneficial to you, in real time and as you need them.  

  • After your baby has arrived, I can stay with you virtually for as long as you need, after the birth, providing suggestions for your immediate postpartum needs, such as feeding information and suggestions, reminding you and your partner eat, and so on until you are all comfortable, settled, and ready to be a family unit.

  • In the first two weeks postpartum, I provide two virtual postpartum visits - once within the first few days and the second before the end of the second week, to connect with you as you adjust to life with a newborn, and help you with any newborn challenges you may be facing. I also remain in phone and text contact during this period, as often as you wish.

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Important Info about
Virtual Support

Virtual support is always an option for those who feel they don't need the continuous in-person support of a doula. Fortunately, in-person support is also an option again, so if you opt for virtual and then decide you want in person support, please discuss with me.  There may be an additional fee to change to in-person support. 

Virtual Support


Free Consultation

I offer a free, no obligation consultation for all my services. If you would like to meet me to ask any questions, get to know me, and learn more, please email me at I look forward to meeting you!

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