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With Lamaze, you know you are getting the best childbirth education.
Give Birth with Confidence, with a Lamaze Childbirth Educator. 


Two unique childbirth education classes to suit your needs. With Joyful Moments Prenatal, you get a Lamaze approved course of prenatal education - everything you need to know about pregnancy, labour, birth, and what to expect. And for those who don't feel they need a full course of prenatal education, I offer a completely unique in this area Comfort Skills class, aimed at teaching your birth partner all the tips and tricks of doulas in order to best support you during your birth, whatever it looks like. 
Both classes come with a selection of handouts, goodies, and other swag that you can refer to after class to remind you of all the important ways to be supported during birth!

Joyful Moments Prenatal 

Private childbirth preparations and prenatal education, following the Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices. 
Increase your confidence and believe in your ability to birth your baby with the knowledge you need to make informed choices about all aspects of your birth. Engage with the most up to date and evidence-based information about pregnancy and birthing, and Give Birth with Confidence. 

Joyful Moments Comfort Skills

A birth prep class like no other. Based on building yourself a Labour Bag, this class prepares your partner (and yourself) with a literal bag of comfort items, handouts, techniques, and more to prepare you to best support the birthing person during labour. Perfect for every parent, first time or even fourth time parents who want a different birthing experience, this class prepares you to support your partner on your own, with every trick of a doula. 

Important Information about Prenatal education &

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, all prenatal classes are currently being offered virtually. 
As restrictions are lifted, in-person classes will be offered, using appropriate social distancing. 
Thank you for your patience. 

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