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Joyful Moments

Joyful Moments Birth Kingston Ontario Doula Birth Pregnancy


Congratulations! Expecting a baby is one of the most thrilling and nerve-wracking times in a new family's life! If you live in Kingston, Ontario or the surrounding areas, you've come to the right place looking for both a doula to help with your birth and for a childbirth class that is fully comprehensive.  


Whether you and your partner are first time parents unsure of what to expect, or seasoned parents just looking for additional support or searching for a different experience for birth this time around, hiring a birth doula or getting some extra childbirth education for your birth is a great place to start!


I am certified through both DONA International and Stillbirthday, as well as a trained Hypnobabies Childbirth HypnoDoula and a certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator. Under those well-known names, I adhere to a code of ethics and a scope of practice. A certified doula is highly trained in the field of birth work.

A doula is a wonderful help to you and your partner or husband or if you are birthing while with no partner present.  In all situations a birth doula will be able to provide information, comfort, suggestions for managing pain in labour, helping you and your partner connect in labour, physical comfort measures such as light massage, counter pressure and hip squeezes,  helping you advocate for yourself with medical staff, helping to interpret the activity in the hospital and from medical staff, and so much more. The knowledge and expertise of a skilled birth doula is a phenomenal asset to you for your birth!


Every birthing person deserves a doula in pregnancy, during their prenatal time, during labour and birthing of their baby, and in the postpartum, as well. I love serving clients of all ages and life stages, and I am particularly passionate about serving military families (especially when birthing during a deployment or with no family nearby). 

My other unique skill set is that of a Childbirth Educator! I am a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, which is an excellent name to stand beside. Prenatal education from Lamaze is evidence based, and built around the Six Healthy Birth Practices for the best outcomes for both birthing persons and their babies. When you have a prenatal class or childbirth education from a Lamaze educator, you know you are getting the best quality of education available. 

I am currently serving Kingston Ontario and the surrounding areas. I am happy to travel to my clients at their convenience, up to an hour outside of Kingston. 

Please contact me today to set up a no-obligation consultation and find out how I can help you and your partner in welcoming a new baby into your lives. Joyful Moments Birth does not discriminate against any person adding a baby to their family, no matter what that looks like. I happily serve clients from traditional families, nontraditional families, adoptive parents, and surrogate clients, and I will joyfully work alongside people from all walks of life. 

Please visit the rest of my website for more details on my services. 

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My husband and I worked with Bethany and highly recommend her! I was so much more prepared for labor as well as post labor situations. The most helpful for me was having my husband understand the process and help me during delivery. We used all of the position & massage suggestions to help me through. Bethany was very personable and always enthusiastic to answer my questions!

— Anna

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